How-to Lose Body Fat and Tone Muscles

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How-to Lose Body Fat and Tone Muscles
The Healthy Plan for Weight Loss and Building Muscle
Sep 15, 2009 Kimi Bynum

Discover how tolose body fat and tone muscles the healthy way. This plan is guaranteed to getyou results. All that is required is tenacity and time.

Want to lose weight? Have you been tryingand trying, with no results? Perhaps you are going about it the wrong way. Readon to discover how to lose body fat and tone muscles the healthy way,guaranteed to get the desired results.

The Myth of Spot Reducing
Contrary to popular belief, there is no wayto remove fat from a specific area. Just because a person targets a particularbody part for weight loss, that does not mean only that body part will shapeup. This is because the body burns fat systematically, which means that thebody burns fat from everywhere at the same time.

Strength training builds and maintainsmuscle. It also increases a person's internal metabolism. It is diet and cardioexercise that burn body fat. When someone feels that tell-tale burn in a musclefrom working out, that does not mean fat is being burned in that area; instead,it means that muscle is being built.

Set One Small Goal at a Time
To maintain motivation in the pursuit ofweight loss, one must set goals. These goals should be small. Setting one largegoal of losing one-hundred pounds, or even fifty pounds, can seem too dauntingof a task. Instead, set a weekly weight-loss goal of one to two pounds, or aweekly goal to lose one to two inches.

Setting and reaching these smaller goalswill keep a person motivated toward that overall fitness goal.

Use Common Sense
Fat takes up more space than muscle. Peopleoften forget this fact and become discouraged too easily and inevitably give upon their weight-loss goals. This does not have to happen.

One pound of fat equals the size of agrapefruit and has the caloric consistency of 3500 calories. One pound ofmuscle equals the size of an orange and has the caloric consistency of only 600calories. That means that while a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound ofmuscle, the muscle takes up much less space in the body.

If someone loses ten grapefruits off theirbody and gains ten oranges, that person will still weigh the same. However,that person will look smaller because those ten oranges (ten pounds of muscle)take up less space than those ten grapefruits (ten pounds of fat). The point isthis: use common sense about losing fat and gaining muscle. Just because thescale reads the same as before, that does not mean nothing is happening in aperson's body. Do not give up.

Do Not Commit Exercise Suicide
Dieting and cardio exercise without weighttraining does not work. It is committing exercise suicide. Ever heard someonesay, "I want to lose weight first, and then I'll tone"? This is thewrong way to go about losing weight.

The human body is programmed to preventstarvation. It has three main sources for food: muscle (protein), fat andcarbohydrates. Fat contains more calories per one gram than muscle andcardohydrates, so as far as the body is concerned, fat is more valuable as along-term fuel supply, especially in a starvation situation.

When someone diets, the body burns morecalories and consumes fewer calories. This forces the body into a starvationsituation, causing it to hold onto its most vital source for survival: fat.Because the body is retaining its fat for fuel, it uses carbohydrates andmuscle for energy.

Burning muscle is bad for long-termweight-loss goals. This is because without muscle, the body's metabolismdecreases. When metabolism decreases, a person may lose weight but that personis just a smaller version of himself with the same body consistency. The fathas not actually been lost.

The simple solution is to incorporatestrength training into the workout routine. This will tell the body that it isnot starving, which will cause the body to then burn fat, rather than itsmuch-needed muscle.

Weight Train Before Cardio
The body burns carbohydrates first. When aperson does cardio exercises before a weight routine, the body uses all thecarbohydrates available. By the time the person gets to the strength training,the body is forced to look for an alternative energy source. The next optionfor the body is fat, except for one problem: fat needs oxygen to be burned, andweight training does not provide that oxygen. This is because weight trainingcontracts muscles, which constricts the veins and arteries that deliver oxygen.So because the body's carbohydrates have all been burned during the cardiosession and fat cannot be burned during weight training, the only otheravailable energy source is muscle.

The solution to this problem isto weight train first, then do cardio exercises. This is the best scenario forweight loss because the body first gets to burn carbohydrates during strengthtraining, and then it burns fat during cardio.

How-to Slim Down and Shape Up
Healthy Secrets for Losing Weight and Toning Muscles
Sep 15, 2009 Kimi Bynum

To lose weightand tone muscles, eat some fat, keep a food journal, keep up energy levels, eatcarbs, and stay active. These are the keys to long-term success.

Want to lose weight and tone muscles? Thereare important facts you should know. Eating some fat, keeping a food journal,keeping energy levels high, eating carbohydrates, and staying active are key toyour success.

Some Fat is Good
Never cut out fat from a diet completely.The body needs some fat, or it will go into starvation mode. If the body thinksit is starving, it will hold onto its fat for survival. The body needs fifteenpercent of its diet from fat, so do not be afraid to eat a favorite food once ortwice a week. For more information on how to eat junk food and still loseweight, read "How to Eat Junk Food andStill Lose Weight: Eating Favorite Snacks on a Diet the Healthy Way."

Keep a Food Journal
In order to understand what it takes foryour body to operate on a daily basis, for three days write down everythingeaten. At the end of three days, count up the calories, and then divide thatnumber by three. The result is the magic number for daily caloric need tomaintain a person's current weight.

In order to lose weight, subtract caloriesfrom that magic number. A healthy and realistic weekly weight-loss goal is onepound. One pound of fat consists of 3500 calories. That number divided by seven(for seven days in a week) is 500. Subtract 500 calories from that magic numberfor weight-loss maintenance, and the weight will start to come off the body.However, do not eat fewer than 1200 calories a day. Eating too few calories cancause health risks.

Keep Energy Levels High
To keep energy levels high, a person needsto get the proper servings from the four food groups. The recommended dailyallowance for an adult is two servings of meat or high protein, two servings ofdairy, four servings of fruits or vegetables, and four servings of cereal andgrains. One serving of meat is equal to four ounces. A serving size ofvegetables, fruits, cereal and grains is one cup.

In order to keep energy levels up, eat aminimum of four small meals each day, consisting of the recommended dailyallowances for each food group. If a person's metabolism is slow, increasemeals to five or six times a day. Just remember that these are small meals.

Low-carb Diets Do Not Work
Sixty Percent of a person's diet mustconsist of carbohydrates. Zero-carb and even low-carb diets do not work becauseall they do is cause water loss, not actual weight loss. When the body losestoo much water, it thinks it is starving. The result is muscle loss. Whenenough carbohydrates are consumed, the body is fueled properly, causing aperson to feel energized, clear-headed, and able to endure a workout. Rice,pasta, potatoes, fruits, and vegetables are the best sources of carbohrdrates.Eating high-fiber and whole grain foods is even better.

Increase Activity
Of course, exercise is alwayskey in any weight-loss plan. Incorporating exercise into a person's day doesnot have to be difficult or time-consuming. Even thirty minutes of lightexercise will burn about 300 calories. Add simple tasks into the daily routine,like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking down the hall to talkto someone in the office rather than calling or e-mailing. Even gardening andhousework burn calories.


How-to Eat Junk Food and Still Lose Weight
Eating Favorite Snacks on a Diet the Healthy Way
Sep 8, 2009 Kimi Bynum

The best dietto live by is not a diet at all. Instead, it is a lifestyle - a choice to livehealthy. Learn how to incorporate snack foods into a healthy lifestyle.

Crave chocolate but don’t know how toindulge without making that waistline bulge? Are salty snacks the treat dujour? If so, the days of worrying about all those calories and fat grams areover. Learn how to incorporate those favorite snack foods into a healthy diet.

The best diet to live by is really no dietat all. Instead, it is a lifestyle – a choice to live healthy so that theresult is to be in the best shape imaginable.

Abstaining Does Not Work
Ever tried cutting out chocolate, potatochips, cookies, cake, or even bread? How long did it take before the cravingscame back and the pounds were right back on the scale? Abstaining from thosefavorite foods is not the answer. That route will only lead to binging, and thencomes the guilt, and then the hopelessness. It is a vicious, endless cycle ofyo-yo dieting.

The Solution
The answer is clear: don’t eliminate thosefavorite foods. The keys are moderation and wise choices. It is easy toincorporate snack foods into any diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hereare the simple steps:

1. Make a list of twenty favorite foods.These foods can be snacks, junk food, entrees, or desserts. If it is difficultto come up with twenty favorites, think about those comfort foods reached foron a bad day. Those are the favorite foods that should be added to the list.

2. Post the list of those twenty favoritefoods on the refrigerator so it is always visible. Refer to the list as oftenas needed.

3. Look for reduced sugar, sugar-free, ormade with Splenda on box labels and packaging.

4. Look for reduced fat or fat-free on boxlabels and packaging.

5. Look for reduced calorie on box labelsand packaging.

6. In addition to reading claims on thefront of boxes, check the nutrition labels on the back of the boxes. Look forthe actual serving sizes and the amounts of fat, sugar, and calories per eachserving.

7. Use cooking substitutions, such asapplesauce in place of oil, or skim milk instead of cream.

8. Adhere to the serving sizes suggested onfood labels.

9. Eat one food item off the twenty favoritefoods list each day. Save that favorite food for the time of day when cravingsare most likely to begin. Instead of binging on unhealthy snacks, reach forsomething on the twenty favorite foods list. Once that craving has beensatisfied, stop eating.

10. Prepare these healthier foods and snacksfor the whole family in order to promote wellness for everyone. Having apartner along for the weight-loss ride makes it that much easier to maintain ahealthy lifestyle.

It is Worth the Effort
There are no easy solutions whenit comes to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It takesdedication and hard work. However, that does not mean cutting out thosefavorite comfort foods. Keep in mind that moderation and wise choices will keepa person on the path toward victory over binging, guilt, and hopelessness. Itis possible to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, while enjoying thosefavorite foods.


Build Muscle to Tighten Loose Skin
Reduce Hanging Skin with Resistance Training
Aug 16, 2009 Tracy Rose

Muscles fill inthe space of weight lost and revs up your metabolism so your body continues toburn fat.

Losing weight takes time, dedication, commitment and a lot of effort. Losing alot of weight and maintaining the weight loss requires a complete lifestylechange. Unfortunately, many people are unhappy with their bodies after theylose a significant amount of weight because they have excess loose skin.

How Loose Skin Develops
Loose skin can occur if you lose weight tooquickly, have carried the weight for many years, are getting older and haveless elasticity to your skin or if you fail to exercise while you lose theweight. Diet alone isn't enough to reduce hanging skin. Even dieters who feelthey have done everything correctly find themselves with excess loose skin.

Building Muscle to Tighten LooseSkin
There are some things you can do to tighten loose skin after losingweight, however. It's not a magic trick or an overnight fix, butit can be done over time with a commitment to exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Eat the right foods. Eating the rightproportion of protein and carbs at every meal helps build muscle that tightenshanging skin. For best results include nuts, lean protein, poultry, oats, eggs,fish, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

The muscle you build under your skin helpsto fill out the hanging skin left by fat loss. Your body takes on a tighter,firmer appearance over time with the help of resistance training.

Muscle revs up your metabolism. As a sideeffect of exercising regularly, building additional muscle mass fires up yourbody's metabolism. This allows you to burn calories faster, burning off thehidden layers of fat and giving your body a toned look.

Tips for Building Muscle toReduce Hanging Skin
Focus on working the major muscles of the body. Though it may be tempting to spot train certain problems areas, it is less effective overall. Sagging skin under the arm will tighten up over time with a combination of resistance training and cardio. It isn't necessary to do endless repetitions of bicep curls or triceps kickbacks to see results.
Take time between workouts to rest your muscles. Your muscles grow when they are resting. The ideal workout schedule is to either do resistance training every other day or divide your upper and lower body workouts and alternate them.
Drink extra water and green tea to help kick your metabolism into overdrive.
Gradually increase the amount of weights you lift and the number of reps per set. Don't let your body adjust to a workout routine. Switch up your resistance training schedule often to throw your body off guard and allow it to keep burning calories and fat at a higher rate.
Use interval training as part of your resistance training. Alternate heavy and light session to produce better fat loss results and tighten loose skin.
Change your BMI to tighten loose skin. Changing your body composition can drastically change how your body looks.
Though other options exist, such as bodycreams and surgery, the best way to remove loose hanging skin is to follow ahealthy lifestyle, eat right and commit to weight training in order to buildmuscle and burn more fat.